SAVIGNO (IT) | 1.12.18 - 8.12.18


Be Your Own Hero is a training course on the topic of personal courage. Courage to make things happen, courage to support others in reaching their dreams. We are inviting you to join us in case you want to explore yourself, your communication patterns, your habits in working with people, your creativity and proactivity. It is for those who dare to dream big, want to develop their skills and are looking for new tools and methods.

This is how you can become your own hero

take a lead upon your life
and create more successes!

The basic theory is that being humans we all live in our world of interpretation, in our reality, as we see it. This reality, or ‘comfort zone’ most of the time supports us 
and keeps us safe, but many times it is a limitation to look further and open new opportunities. In this training you will have the chance to have a look at your reality,
automatic patterns and behaviors you have, and, in case you decide to, to change some of those.



The Circle of Creativity is a useful tool for everyone
who is about to make a change in their life. It gives you
a method and a step-by-step structure on how to organize
your creative work and process.


impressions from

the last day

Tommaso Sgrizzi, italian participant of the project, put together this video from the Synergy’s last day.

the training

We are offering an intense personal development project in which you can expect full days of personal development activities, outdoor physical activities, communication activities,
creative workshops, discussions, reflections and much more.
The aim is to provide the participants with tools and methods that will support them in making impact in their local environment, in getting new perspectives for their work,
as well as feedback on what they are doing.
The whole programme is very experiential and based on “learning by doing” approach.

Our approach:

The programme is using the methodology of “Basic Synergy Training”, the first step in the Synergy Trainings (a method shared in the International Synergy Group).


The approach used in this project is based on empowerment, meaning we will create a safe environment for learning for you. We find it important not just for young
people, but for everyone to become active learners through their whole lives.


With our approach we would like to support the development of your skills and attitudes, what you need is your full commitment, your full participation and openness.
The learning process is designed as a whole and this requires full-time participation 

Riproduci video

cortemilia (it)


dissemination activity

This video is a result from the Dissemination Activity organized by YOUth Connet in order to share the outcomes of the Be Your Own Hero Training Course, which took place in Savigno (IT) from the 1.12.18 to the 8.12.18 and funded by the Erasmnus+ Program of the European Union. This activity consisted in two days at Cascina di Monteoliveto in Cortemilia (IT), where 16 people from Italy, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic and Spain met to get to know more about the Be Your Own Hero experience from former participants and organizers.

The trainers

Be Your Own Hero is developed due the cooperation between YOUth Connect, ReCreativity Foundation and Brno Connected

Katka Martínková


Katka is a youthworker, trainer, facilitator, coach and co-founder of an NGO Brno Connected (CZ). She has more than 10 years experience with non-formal education and experiential learning, both on local and international level, currently focusing on implementing personal development and coaching into non-formal education. She has delivered 8 Erasmus+ projects and
participated in many more as a team member. She is passionate about people and about supporting them in daring to show who they are and creating a life they want to have, through having healthy relationships to themselves and to others.

Anna Sipos


Anna is a trainer, designer, entrepreneur, leading her
social enterprise ReCreativity (HU) in the past 5 years.
She is using mainly the method of creative recycling and
experiential learning in different fields: in social
entrepreneurship, personal development, communication,
sustainability education, coaching and mentoring. Over
the past 8 years she has gained practical experience in
working with groups and design personal development
training programs for young people who want to create a
long-term impact on their lives. She is a master NLP
practitioner, trained in coaching, constellations and communication.



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