human resources

Corrado Rampa

“Eventually everything goes well, if it doesn't, it means it's not the end"

I’m project manager and control freak, responsible of the Human Resources and overall organization of YC. I’ve tried to write projects but in the end I know that YC is full of great project writers and there is no such thing as team work, and my commitment go to make the best out of it. I’m using the knowledge gained during the bachelor in Design and visual communication to design the experience and work of YOUth Connect members.

I took part actively in Erasmus+ projects both with university (Arrasate, Basque Country, SP) and European associations. These experiences made me understand the power of Erasmus+ projects. We can really change something together with people all around the world.

I have many passions, but I think what I love the most are people and their interaction, feelings and thoughts. I recently understood that I’m kind of good in joining dots and this is what I want to do in my life, bring people together making them understand that eventually we’re all part of something bigger.
cell: +39 348 8455194


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