Denisa kola

project manager

Denisa Kola

“feel free to be inconsistent when being inconsistent means following your true self”

Bachelor in Applie Languages and graduating in ICT, Media & Communication. During my university years I’ve had several experiences in the social field in supporting and helping people with disabilities and facilitating socialization and social activities. In 2015 I’ve joined the National Volunteer Service and I’ve been supporting children and young people with their studies and organizing cultural events for the local community, such as book presentations and debates.

Do those kind of experiences have any correlation with what I am currently studying? I have no idea. But this is truly helping in Youth Connect since I have to deal with participants and this – believe me – requires a lot of patience and mediation skills.

Currently I’m doing an internship in a startup as a digital and communication strategist and my biggest dream is to find my path in life. I guess I’m still far from finding it but at least I’m hopeful.

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