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6 - 14 May 2020

Navas del Rey (Madrid Region) - Spain


Intercultural dinners


european cooks


gastronomical presentations

costs and fees

Quota associativa

annuale youth connect (only for italians)

Participation fee

richiesto dall'associazione ospitante

accomodation and food

provided by the erasmus+ programme

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Abaout the project

The main goal of the project is to develop cooking skills and learn about European gastronomy

and more specifically into the participant’s countries gastronomy. We will use cooking also as a

tool to push intercultural exchange. Thus, it is foreseen activities when every group will teach

others to cook their main dishes or explain us about their gastronomy.

Regarding the other half of the workshops and activities, we will also approach other topics

related to food like nutrition, raising awareness of the wasting food problem, or other creative

workshops related to food somehow. Finally, cross-sectional workshops like teambuilding or

knowing better Erasmus+ will complete the program.

Most of the workshops will involve practical work, especially those about cook. Actually, half of

the meals will be prepared during these workshops.

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