Entrepreneur LAB

A training course on social entrepreneurship
and sustainability

14 – 22 May 2019
Dolni Lozen – Bulgaria


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About the project

A 9 days Training

“Entrepreneur Lab” is a 9-days long training course that brings together young entrepreneurs, youth workers, trainers and volunteers from organisations coming from Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain, creating a diverse group in which we explore the topics of social entrepreneurship and sustainability.

About the hosting organization

We are Tisho, Anna, Alexandra, Didy, Petia, Deny, Daniel, Magdalena, Nikoleta, Carmen and Ilze. We come from different backgrounds like business, education, humanities and arts.

About the location

During the training you will live together with other participants in a group accommodation at the Red Cross National training centre in Lozen, Bulgaria.

The Training methods

Experiencial learning
and learning by doing

Meet local and international social entrepreneurs, identify and use your own potential

Peer education, workshops, discussions

Develop your own entrepreneurial idea and plan first steps, learn how to create a business model

Body movement and creative recycling

Improve your creativity and proactivity, explore creative recycling and body movement
as a tool

Sharings and reflections, small group meetings

Work on your communication and cooperation skills

The program of the training offers a variety of methods and tools in order to support you in making your ideas reality!
By participating you have the chance to develop entrepreneurial skills, and pick from the techniques and methods that fit you. The final program plan will be based on the learning needs of the selected participants.

This training is for you if:

You are a youth worker / trainer / coach / freelancer / designer starting your career.
You are planning to open your own organization, to create your own product or service.
You want to learn innovative methods of entrepreneurship.

You want to discover the world of social enterprise with an intention of creating your own project, NGO or sharing this idea among people in your country in proactive way​

  • You want to develop the competences of ’creativity’ and ’entrepreneurship’ through creative recycling techniques, body movement and other means of self-expression

You want to promote innovation in youth work by implementing new methods in entrepreneurial education

 You are willing to experiment and explore, get inspired, learn, play, inquire, reflect and take actions on a spot​

About the Trainers

Anna Sipos

youth trainer and Co-Founder of ReCreativity Social Enterprise

She has a master diploma in Education Management, she completed her internship programme in Brussels, in the Flemish
Ministry of Education where has gained experience in programme tailoring and curriculum development. She launched ReCreativity Social Enterprise 5 years ago and together with the other cofounders they are making it sustainable by running successfully also an upcycled brand called Cimbi next to the trainings. She has more
than 5 years of experience as a trainer, using mainly the method of creative recycling and experiential learning in different fields: in social entrepreneurship, personal development, communication, sustainability education, coaching and mentoring.

Tihomir Georgiev

Founder and Director of Smokinya Foundation

Trainer in the pool of the Bulgarian National Agency HRDC since 2014,  he has BA in History and MA in Rhetoric.. His work is focused on experiential learning, coaching and mentoring, mind-body work, self-expression through arts. He is Certified NLP Practitioner and coach, has experience utilizing methods from NFE, NLP, coaching, systemic coaching, physical expression etc. His skills include project management, partnership management, group and individual coaching. His work is devoted to empowerment of people to discover their spirit of youth, no matter their age.

“Creativity takes courage.”

- Henry matisse

Entrepreneur LAB

The training is co-funded by Erasmus+ programme, thus accommodation, food, materials, the programme and the travel costs up to the maximum allowed amount are fully covered. There is participation contribution of 60€ per person that supports the program.

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