5th – 15th December 2019

Hollókő – Hungary

The thought behind

The world we live in

The social and environmental needs have changed radically in the past decades, and there is a need for connection, for innovation, for care in nowadays’ world.

today's youth

Young people consider themselves victims of their environment, victims of materialism, and the general anxiety blocks them to experience their full potential and start taking actions.

the first steps

Many times, we are afraid to take the risk of starting something on our own, we are missing human resources, we don't know how to make decisions and commit to them or we are missing leadership skills to delegate tasks and involve others.

About the training

The “First Steps” training course offers a series of intense personal development processes, that are highly non-formal and experiential. By participating in the training you will have an opportunity to break those limiting concepts which are stopping you to reach your maximum potential and to live the life you want to live. You will have the chance to re-discover how you see the world, how you see people around you and how you cooperate with honest intentions. We will reach topics such as authenticity, integrity, inclusion, being accountable and many more.

You will have an opportunity to develop your:

costs and fees

Quota associativa

annuale youth connect (only for italians)


ASKED BY recreativity

accomodation and food

provided by the erasmus+ programme

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