About the project

Youth Exchange funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union which brought together young people from Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain and Hungary with the common aim to discover their growth and developement through music and creativity. Held in Savigno (IT), from the 11st to the 17th November 2018.

Connecting ourselves with the surrounding Nature and its sounds

Learning how to build recycled percussions and instruments

Improving our active listening, creativity and team building skills

Approaching the digital tools and methods of music recording

"Our artistic expression during the whole week was intended to be above all authentic"
"This experience is one of these moments of your life that will be indelible. So dont think twice and apply to this project when given the chance."

Dissemination Challenge Follow Your Sound

A new interactive way to disseminate the project’s results!

People reached

How does it work

We started to think at the Dissemination Challenge as a new, carefully prepared strategy to spread any project’s result more effectively. We thought about the real, concrete and SMART objectives of a successful dissemination and we came out with something we plan to use and improve in every other project of ours.

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