Hodoš, Slovenia

Youth Exchange about current situations of youth unemployment.

Job skills seminars

Creative debates, games

Problem solving workshops

NGO market

About the project

According to our experience of fast changes in the world’s labour market burning problem of youth unemployment lack of workers with needed job skills and World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report there is a great need to prepare young people for future jobs. Young people need to develop job skills that are needed for labour market and in that way be more competitive and qualified for future employment.

Cooperation is the key

Intercultural experience of cooperating with their peers will encourage them to understand better and be responsive to cultural, social and linguistic differences. Participants will get to know more about mobility opportunities in EU as a solution to high rates of youth unemployment. Working in mixed groups will help them to understand good group dynamic, cooperation, respect different opinions and make group decision.

Here is a video result from the project’s participants

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