6 - 15 March 2020

El Pedroso, Sevilla, Spain

about the project

"Green is my color" is an international youth exchange that aims to gather 26 young people to make them aware of the importance of protecting the enviroment. This project will approach to this goal through photography as a mean of cultural and creative expression."

Around the topic

This project also intends to foster an intercultural experience based on cultural presentations, intercultural dinners, cultural trips and role plays.


To promote European cooperation among its youth, to foster the awareness of enviroment protection, to strenghten partcipants digital skills, including photography, digital edition and layout


To promote inclusion, cross-cultural understanding and social dialogue using an active and critic spirit, to support the rural area of Sevilla and its indigenous population through education, culture and expression.

costs and fees

Quota associativa

annuale youth connect (only for italians)

accomodation and food

provided by the erasmus+ programme

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