Let Us Express!


18- 28 APRIL 2019


A key element in our life

Communication plays such a big part in our lives today. It is hard to think of a single activity that we engage in that doesn’t involve communications in some way. In our busy world, we sometimes forget just how important communications are to our success, relationships, and, ultimately, happiness in life. From our daily experience in working with young people we find an alarming situation:
young people are not able to express themselves clearly to highlight their benefits and competencies within society. In our activities we notice that young people are full of potential skills (digital, artistic, cultural) that are not recognized and developed simply because they do not know communicate and promote themselves.


Project description

Through this project the participants will improve their Communication skills and learn how to express themselves. They will also learn on online communication and how to protect themselves online. At the Youth exchange there will be many educational activities like seminars, interactive presentations, creative indoor and outdoor workshops that aim to teach young participants in various Communication skills and techniques. Activities will be adjusted to participants’ interests so they would work actively on their communicational, social and real “human” skills. Through various examples of life situations, the participants will learn how to listen actively, how to ask meaningfull questions, how to say no, how to express themselves clearly through verbal and nonverbal techniques and how to develop healthy social environment. By learning this the participants will definetelly foster their Communication
skills and competences that will be very useful in their everyday life situations

The project's result:

Let Us Express - Slovenia

"It was my second Erasmus+ project and the experience was just amazing: refreshing, interactive, culturally diverse, adventurous, informative and fulfilling."
Participant from italy
"It's been really impressing acknowledging how the participants we sent to Let Us Express came back from the project with so many good memories and experiences to tell!"
youth worker

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