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Dugopolje, Dalmatia Region, Croatia

05 – 10 October 2019


UNESCO's cultural heritage

is based on common European social and cultural values

the development and progress of the community, thus gain the best human capital

Young participants will transfer the acquired knowledge and skills through informal methods of peer to peer learning, which will result in increased confidence, multilingualism, intercultural awareness, active participation in society, and an increase in awareness of EU values. Through contact and acquaintance with other European cultures, and through respect for diversity and multiculturalism, project participants will strengthen their own identity, become open to different cultural expressions, become aware of the national and European UNESCO cultural heritage, learn to appreciate and understand the diversity of religious and ethnic groups, and will acquire knowledge and competences that will enable them to develop as individuals within informal learning.

The participants are youngsters interested in developing themselves and the rural and suburban areas from their countries. They are highly motivated to learn and share afterwards the knowledge gained.

From each country will participate one group leaders aged 18+, experienced in youth work, coordinating and facilitating non-formal education activities and international groups. Each group leader will accompany 5 participants (females and males), aged 18 -25


costs and fees

Quota associativa

annuale youth connect (only for italians)

accomodation and food

provided by the erasmus+ programme


Local communities, from which project exchange participants are coming from, will be strengthen through educated and professionally trained young people

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